Max Power Photography


Sunshine State of Mind

The early morning mist peppered the air, as I streamed south from Pacific Grove down the PCH 1. From the seat of my Triumph motorcycle, the surreal landscape of Big Sur unfolded before me. The next 6 hours of riding included twisty mountain roads, perilous rock cliffs and lush Pacific coastline. Everything I’d dreamt about was playing out in front of my handlebars and it was even better than I had hoped. In this moment, I WAS Steve McQueen outrunning the Germans.

   For two weeks, I threw two sheets to the wind and twisted the throttle, carving out as much of California as I could. With no destination in mind and only the pavement ahead of me, I rode every day and into the night. Through deserts, up snow capped mountains, down canyons and back out towards the coast. California is where dreams come true and I’m still California dreaming.

Max Power